Richie HawtinがTwitterを始めた、ら…


At this year’s Time Warp event Richie built on ideas first explored during 2008’s Contakt tour, testing a custom version of Traktor Pro with a new background application that allows for real time broadcasting of all tracks played during a DJ set.


The Twitter DJ application utilizes feeds from an updated version of Traktor’s standard broadcasting technology to send 30 second updates during Hawtin’s set of what’s currently playing to a designated Twitter account, allowing anyone following the Twitter group to obtain a unique insight into how a DJ builds the atmosphere and dynamics of a set, track by track, and in real time.



  • フロアで踊りながら「なんだこのトラック?!」と思ったらすぐTwitterをモバイルでチェック
  • Richieがかけたトラックを、Twitterの過去ログで後から追いかけて新発見→購入のきっかけに